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 Standard Non-negotiable Terms & Conditions

  1. Rent includes all charges other than electricity and is payable at the time of collection of the keys in Rs. or in US $ 100 & 50 bills. Foreign currency can be converted to Rupees (or US $) in the airport at the rates given in this link.
    The rent payment can be made in US $ or Rs at the Bank Selling Rate with the total rental adjusted to the nearest Rs. 100, on arrival, at the time of collection of the key from the above address. The rental in Euro, GBP or AUD can be indicated one week before the date of arrival, as the rent is fixed in US $. We absorb the credit card commission, if the rent is paid in Rs. by credit card before arrival.
  2. An electricity deposit of Rs. 1,000 per day and a one week’s rent advance is required to issue a guaranteed reservation that offers checking in direct to the apartment.
    This facility is provided on the understanding that you consent to contact me within 12 hours of arrival, to arrange a mutually convenient date and time to come to my house in Havelock Road and pay the balance rental. Bookings within one month of the check-in date can be considered if the flight arrival is between 5.00 a.m. & 10.00 p.m. and if full payment before the acceptance keys from my Havelock Rd address given above is acceptable.
  3. If necessary, we can provide you the user name and the password to pay the above mentioned booking charges by Credit Card. Then click the Visa or master card sign in our website and enter the user name and copy & paste the password, to access the Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka secure payment gateway to pay the booking deposit.
    We absorb the 2.5% commission for rent advances paid in LKR. We credit 97.5% of the electricity deposit to your account, after deducting the 2.5% credit card commission, in view of the balance refundable nature of this deposit. This is likely to be more cost effective than payments via Western Union. Credit card payments can be made from any country in LKR. Commercial bank exchange rates are given in this link.
  4. I can also give you our bank account number in the Commercial Bank, HSBC, Bank of Ceylon or Peoples Bank, for you to ask a friend to deposit the booking fee or transfer the required amount.
    Alternatively you can send the deposit through Western Union to Delicia Daphne Swerine de Mel bearing ID card No 447200040V. Send me the MTCN No with the name of the sender and from where it was sent. The payment can be made on line from many countries and the link to the web site
  5. It is your responsibility to book your flights and ensure that there are no changes in your check-in & check –out times. A refund of 50% of the total advance payment (deposit + part payment of rent) will be refunded for a cancellation at least 4 weeks before the date of arrival mentioned in the booking and 25% for a cancellation 2 weeks before the date of arrival.
  6. The cost of metered electricity is Rs. 45/unit. The initial & final meter readings can be provided. This is the official rate. You will be provided the meter reading at the beginning and end of your occupation with the bill. The electricity bill depends on the use of air conditioners. The use of AC in two bed rooms at the recommended 24 or 25 degrees C at night will cost about 1,000 per day. There are ceiling fans in all the rooms. Hence, most people use the AC only in the bedrooms at night. Open doors & windows, as well as lower temperature settings, significantly increase the cost of electricity and sometimes damage the air conditioners. If necessary, you may ask for the meter reading and the location of the meter at the time of occupation of the apartment.
  7. Free Services include Cable TV, DVD, Wi-Fi for light use, fixed line phone for inward calls in 2 & 3 Br apartments, water, cooking gas, weekly cleaning and changing the linen and the supply of a survival pack with all necessities, till you visit a supermarket in one or two days. It is advisable to keep the cash and valuables locked in a suitcase.
  8. Sorry, I do not entertain requests to see apartments in condominium complexes because of the disturbance to occupants. All the apartments are very clean with bed linen, table linen and kitchen dusters, cutlery, crockery, iron, ironing board, AC Etc. and ready for immediate occupation in comfort. Some reviews of our apartments are given in this link. The rent is payable at the above address prior to the collection of the apartment keys.

    Guest Reviews in Flipkey Or Tripadvisor
  9. Tenant shall hand over the Apartment in as good a condition as it was at the commencement of this rental. The apartment cannot be used as an office without my prior written permission. I reserve the right to deduct the cost of any damages to the contents of the apartment from the Deposit.
  10. The Condominium by laws state that an owner shall enjoy the common elements in such a manner as not to interfere unreasonably with the use and enjoyment thereof by other owners or their families or visitors. We expect our tenants to conform.
  11. The standard checking in time is 2.00 p.m. & the check-out out time is 10.00 a.m.
  12. Standard facilities are given in the following table.
  13. Fully furnished with all necessities En suite bathrooms with hot water & split Air Condition's in all rooms. Automatic washing machine, microwave, gas cooker, electric kettle, iron & ironing board, e.t.c.
    Metered electricity Free Internet access for light use Linen, cutlery, crockery, pots & pans e.t.c.
    Weekly cleaning & changing of linen.
    Equipped with steam irons & ironing boards
    Free cable TV, DVD, cooking gas & water Beds with 8" spring mattresses
    Kitchen equipped with toaster, rice cooker & electric kettle Etc. On Request: Hair Dryer for the duration of the visit: Rs 300 ($ 3) If necessary, a mobile phone with a local SIM card can be supplied for Rs. 300. It is returnable with a similar balance.
  14. The minimum booking period for advance bookings is: 3 months for a minimum stay of 1 week, 6 months for minimum 2 weeks, 9 months for minimum 3 weeks, 12 months for min 4 weeks. There is a peak season charge during summer from June 15th to august 31st & Christmas from December 1st to January 15th. Bookings for 3 to 6 days can be considered one week before the required check-in date, at a premium of US$ 5/day above the listed average daily rent.
  15. All offers are subject to availability at the time of receipt of the deposit.
  16. Please click this link for information regarding Visas. No visas required for visitors from Maldives & Singapore & children under 12 years old.
    We only work direct with the tenants or with copies to the tenants.
  17. Know your customer policy: we require the names of all the occupants when booking an apartment in a condominium, as this is a requirement by all condominium managements.